Download Print Server


  1. If the program opens after install, close it.
  2. After installing, go to the install location and find the .env file. There will be only one line in that file which is “channel=localhost“. You need to change localhost to the subdomain of your pos. Example: If the url you go to was, the subdomain would be abc. So the line should look like “channel=abc”.
  3. Next we need to add the printers, to do that make sure that the printers are installed on the machine you installed it on.
  4. Now go to the url of your POS and on the dashboard (top left) you will see some random letters/numbers. That will be different on each computer.
  5. Now we need to tie printers to IDs.
  6. First we need only one printer server sending the cook orders (otherwise it would send duplicate  order prints to the kitchen), to do that do the following and press tie:
  7. Next we need to tie a printer to the ID of a client so you can get receipts,
  8. If you have more printers installed on that machine, tie them and you are ready to go.
  9. You can install this on other machines they have printers, but remember that only one needs to add the cook printer.